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We carry out clinical trials with high quality standards

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Welcome to the CIF

The Center for Pharmacological Research (CIF for its acronym in Spanish) was created by the National Institute of Cancerology (INCan) in 2014, as a strategy to support the generation of new therapeutic alternatives for its patients. The main objective of the CIF is to design and develop clinical trials with high-quality standards, which allow demonstrating the tested drugs’ safety, efficacy, biocomparability or bioequivalence.

Project Submissions and Management

Our project office specializes in optimizing times and deliverables of clinical research projects.

Regulatory Strategy

Our research team has solid scientific support and wide experience in national and international health regulation, allowing us to be your strategic ally.

Clinical Trials

We bring INCan’s experience in clinical research to the industry, seeking the greatest benefit for our patients.

Medical Specialists

A multidisciplinary team for patient care, which addresses the needs of the entire clinical process.

Early-Stage Studies

In Mexico more and more phase I and II studies are being carried out, we are prepared for their development under the new updates of COFEPRIS.


We have modern facilities equipped with the necessary equipment to perform simultaneous studies; shared rooms and private rooms for patients with special monitoring; sample collection areas; emergency room to comply with clinical practices related to each phase of the study. We have a central file, refrigerators, and units to store medications safely and securely. As part of the INCan facilities, our laboratory has ISO 9000 certification and the necessary infrastructure to execute the demands of high-level clinical protocols. We are prepared to serve up to 30 patients who need hospitalization simultaneously; our beds are distributed in equipped and conditioned rooms for a warm and friendly stay.

Why the CIF?

Being part of the INCan, we work in a decentralized third-level organization dependent on the Ministry of Health, which provides specialized medical care to cancer patients, and is also a reference center and governing body for cancer in Mexico. We are your allies in clinical science and regulation.

Service Pledge


We prioritize time and quality when delivering our services. The safety of our patients, plus the effectiveness and quality of our results come first.

High-level scientific connection: ASCO and SMeO

The National Cancer Institute has a close relationship with national and international societies such as: the American Society of Clinical Oncology — “ASCO” for its acronym in English — which is an organization that represents physicians belonging to all oncology specialties with cancer patients; the Mexican Society of Oncology (SMeO), which works closely with specialized doctors from our founding Institute.

Being INCan, CIF has a close relationship with ASCO and SMeO.

INCan in numbers

The National Cancer Institute is a 3rd level decentralized organization, dependent on the Ministry of Health, which provides specialized medical care for cancer patients. As INCan, we are a reference center and governmental organization against cancer in Mexico:

CIF key certifications


We are a TA-43-19 Clinical Unit authorized by the Federal Commission for the Protection against Sanitary Risks to carry out Biocomparability and (or) Bioequivalence studies to demonstrate Interchangeability in Medications.