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Do you currently have the oncological treatment and are you interested in participating in any of our protocols?

Thanks to our HUB CIF connection format, our Center has the option of inviting patients to our clinical protocols only through their treating physician. This, in order to make available to you medications that are only available for research protocols, at no cost to the patient or the doctor.

The CIF is prepared to serve up to 30 participants who need hospitalization simultaneously. Our beds are distributed in 12 equipped and conditioned rooms for a warm stay.

Advantages for
our participants

Medication assignment at no cost to the participant, applied by highly specialized health personnel, guaranteeing safety and excellent human care.

Healthy Distance and security active protocol. For participants who require hospitalization, our beds are distributed in 12 equipped and conditioned rooms for a warm and friendly stay.

We have the support of INCan’s specialty areas, as well as laboratory equipment, cabinets and specialists prepared to respond quickly and efficiently to all the medical needs of the participants.


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If you have a patient who requires oncological treatment, we can help you to give them the treatment they need:

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    How can I refer a patient to the CIF?

    Our clinical team works constantly to bring new alternatives to cancer patients. If you wish to learn about or participate in any of the protocols, write to us at: An expert from the CIF will follow up on your request and will contact you.

    How much does a treatment cost at the CIF?

    For the participants of our protocols, the treatments have no cost.

    Can a foreigner living in Mexico take part?

    Yes, it is possible to participate, as long as the current immigration requirements are met and a prior official diagnosis by an authorized oncology specialist is met.

    When a patient is referred to the CIF, is the treating physician changed?

    No, you are still the treating physician and we are required to communicate your patient’s health status and response to treatment. authorized.